The purpose of this blog is to provide guidance for the credit analyst as well as improve the concentration of knowledge directly related to the analyst's role. The author, a seasoned credit analyst and underwriter, recognizes the importance of sharing knowledge to overcome challenges faced in identifying risks associated with a credit decision. Your feedback is welcome and integral to building an invaluable resource of information for the community.

The Credit Analyst Online is Back Online

Get re-introduced to The Credit Analyst Online by reading the Introduction and Get to Know the Borrower’s Business posts, then look out for upcoming posts on Credit Analysis, Compliance and Loan Review. Make sure you do not miss future posts by subscribing to the RSS feeds, following the author Samantha K Henderson on Twitter @...

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I have 10 years banking experience as a credit analyst and underwriter for commercial banks. When I first started in banking, I learned that there was not going to be any formal training for me like my predecessors had upon entering the banking world. The inexperienced credit analyst would be required to have an academic...
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